Frequently Asked Questions

Once your payment is completed, go to your client area and choose My Services from the Services navigation menu. Click View Details and on the resulting page you will find your license activation code.

Log in as admin to your Plesk Panel installation. Go to License Management in the Server Settings section then click Install Key. Enter your Activation Code and click OK.

This fee will be applied to the final month of usage when you terminate your license. This also ensures that your service does not get automatically terminated if you accidentally forget to pay your monthly invoice.

The initial invoice is prorated to cover the period up to the end of the month (or the end of the following month if the order was placed after the 20th). For example, if you place an order on January 15th, your first payment will cover usage up to the end of January, but if the same order was placed on January 25th, the initial payment will cover until the end of February. In the latter case, your next payment is not due until March. This makes it easier for customers with multiple licenses, as they only get one invoice per month (due at the end of the month) covering all their licenses.

You can prepay funds into your account via the Client Area. This will create a credit that is automatically applied to invoices as they are issued.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide this service. However, Plesk installation is almost completely automated and as long as you are able to log into your server, it consists mainly of typing in a command and choosing a few options. If you need more assistance, please open a support ticket.